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I know how you feel! You have heard people on YouTube, Facebook, Discord, Reddit, and other places talking about music theory and it sounds really cool, but you just don't "get it". 

You see all these people talking about understanding music and you want to "get it" too so you can understand the music you know and love.

The freedom and joy of finally understanding the invisible systems and rules that make music sound the way it does, the rush of excitement as you make new connections between songs, composers, and the game themes that have shaped your life...

But where to start?

Hi! I'm Dan Spencer!

My name is Dan Spencer, and I'm part of an underground group of music teachers that you've probably never heard of. 

Yet you've probably seen our books on how to learn music consistently hitting #1 New Release and #1 Best Seller in multiple categories on Amazon.

Some people know me from my YouTube videos where I break down music theory for songs and music on live streams. I do this without any preparation and without ever hearing the music before the stream. I have 11,000,000 (that's 11 million!) views and counting!

With the way I use music theory in real-time, you might think that music has always made sense to me and I just "get how it works”. 

The reality of how I got here is very different...

I failed my college music theory entrance test after years of working to understand music. I had lost my way and I didn't know why I knew so little after trying so hard.

If I was failing a basic entrance test, there had to be a missing piece somewhere.

And there was. I found it.

I was able to rally and find better ways of understanding music so that anyone can "get it" too!

Over the past 10 years, through trial and error, 100+ versions, and 5 years of working one-on-one with over a dozen students, every explanation, example, and piece of information I teach is so easy and simple anyone can "get it" fast.

Would you like to know what I found out? Are you interested in the secrets and the missing pieces that brought music theory into focus and made it so easy and simple that anyone can learn to read, write, and understand music?
Dan Chatting with GRAMMY winner Jim Peterik about how Jim co-wrote the song
"Eye of the Tiger" for Sylvester Stallone's "Rocky" movie.
Here's some of what I found:
  • There are 2 different types of music theory and you need to know both types.
  • A lot of music theory information on the internet is just plain wrong. 
  • ​You will "get" music theory much faster if you have a goal, like understanding, playing, or writing music.

So...What Is In This Course?

(And How Can You Use It To Understand Music!?!)

  • If your goal is to finally "get" the foundation (and more than just the basics) of music theory you will do that...
  • ​If your goal is to understand your favorite music, you will learn how to do that...
  • ​If you want to learn to read and write music to make your own beats, songs, and compositions you will learn the key fundamentals of how to do that...
  • ​If you have struggled understanding music theory in the past, this will be the last Level 1 Beginner course you need...
I wrote the book, The Best Music Theory Book for Beginners, as a playbook to show everyone how to quickly understand music the same way I teach my own students. The book went to #1 Best Seller status on Amazon within weeks of publishing.

The information you will find in this course has now helped thousands of people around the world read, write, and understand music.

This course and best-selling book (you get a FREE copy of the book with this course...did I forget to mention that?) will give you access to all the tips, tricks, and shortcuts that we use to teach our students, use in our courses, and use in our YouTube videos, so you can read, write, and understand music which will give you the foundation to achieve your dream goals in whatever you want to do with music!
This Level 1 Course is Being Used By
  • Music students
  • ​Video game music composers
  • ​Hobby Musicians
  • ​Singers
  • ​Producers & DJs
  • ​Composers
  • ​Songwriters
  • ​Adults and teens around the world

When You Get This Course... Here Are A Few Of The Gems You'll Discover...

Inside of The Best Music Theory Course 1 I will be sharing with you 85+ music theory tips, ticks, shortcuts, ideas, and information to help you use music theory to achieve your dream goals in music with step-by-step easy videos.

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside of your free copy of this new book: 

Rhythm 1-4: Become a Master of Time

  • How to Read, Write, and Understand Notes: The 3 basic types of notes, and how to think about rhythm using just a few ideas so you can write your first song/composition! Maybe your dream music goal is not writing music, this chapter will help you understand all the basics of rhythm, which is the foundation of music!
  • ​Why It is Critical to Understand Strong and Weak Beats: The two most common ways of using rhythm in modern music and how to think about them! You will learn the music culture secret that makes almost all the music you hear sound the way it does!
  • ​How to Use and Understand Silence: Rests are silence, the silence between sound...just as important as sound itself! You will learn to use 3 types of silence to create even more compositions and get deeper understanding of the music you love and care about.

Notes 1-4: Melody Mind Meld

  • ​Read Music in 10 Minutes: Armed with the musical alphabet you will read music in just two videos...what is that...like 10 minutes max?!?
  • ​Advanced Beginner Theory: Get clarity around things you have probably heard before like "octaves", "sharps", and "flats". If you have never heard those words before...no worries...the course is an easy step-by-step tool to "get it" and walk away with real understanding.
  • ​You Have Probably Heard of Scales: So get ready for the 3 most common scales you hear in music every day! Also learn the secret connection between two of the scales that a lot of people misunderstand.

Harmony & Chords 1: "Get It" Easy!

  • ​Skip the Tears: Most people didn't see under the hood, so this next part drives them crazy! ...but not you! Breeze through understanding why certain chords work together and see the magic trick to turn the most common scales into chords that works every time!

Analysis 1: "See The Matrix"

  • ​Have the Power to See Everything: Now you can see how everything works together, so you can dissect your favorite music to see the patterns and meaning that was hidden to you before.
And now I want to help you to read, write, and understand music, so you can explode your understanding of music too! 
Right now, I wanting you to understand, there are people that are literally spending $247 to have access to the course. But I want to give it to you right now for a lifetime access of just one single payment. That means no monthly fees and no subscriptions. Once you get unlimited lifetime access to the course, you get all the Level 1 lessons I've done in the past and any lessons I decide to add in the future.
  • ​​Library of 196 easy music theory videos so you have everything you need to get started.
  • Most videos are four minutes long, so you don't need to worry about scheduling.
  • Go at your own speed, all videos are available as soon as you buy.
  • ​Stop guessing, and stop wasting time trying to find answers online.
  • ​The same information as you get with an entire year of private lessons with me ($7,124).
  • ​7 Bonuses to help you "get" music theory worth $543.95 FREE

Claim Your Course Now...

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Bonus 1

#1 Best Seller Music Theory Book (Digital)

No Experience? No Problem.

Start from 0 and learn from the ground up!

If you already have some music training or experience, 
see the next page for FULL course outline and details.

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This FREE copy of my #1 Amazon Best Seller makes it a snap for you to see the outline and all the steps you will take to understand music which lets you stop guessing and "get it" with a proven book that has sold 1,000+ copies in the last year! Start to teach yourself... you can go back and answer your own questions using the book!
  • Buy on Amazon right now for $29.99
  • ​You get it for FREE
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Bonus 2

Hear Music with 83 Book Video Examples

[$89.99] FREE

This second video library holds the keys for you to bring your book and every example in the course to life with easy to use video examples, so you to you will actually hear the music, not just see it! When you know how all the examples should sound you understand them and music theory on a deeper level.
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Bonus 3

"Get It" Fast with 50 Fast Flash Cards (Digital)

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This set of fast flash cards holds the secret to reading music fast, which helps you quickly see the name of every note we cover in the video course and books! Spend more time making music and less time trying to remember which note goes where!
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Bonus 4

Understanding + Analysis

  • Amazing Grace
  • Baby Shark (yes, seriously)
  • When the Saints Go Marching In
  • Scarborough Fair

[$247] FREE

This 10 Songs and 10 Bonus Video Lessons hold the keys for you to break down 10 famous songs from history so you can get confident to do analysis on your own so you're able to see the patterns in music and understand why music sounds the way it does. I will guide you every step of the way as you gain ownership and understanding of the music you love by breaking it down using music theory!
  • Amazing Grace
  • Baby Shark (yes, seriously)
  • Clementine 
  • Comin' 'Round the Mountain
  • Home on the Range
  • ​​Lavender's Blue
  • ​​My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
  • ​​Oh! Susanna
  • When the Saints Go Marching In
  • Scarborough Fair
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Bonus 5

Do Music with A Fun Workbook (Digital)

[$19.99] FREE

This a "funbook" workbook which makes it simple for you to do what you see in the book and the course and put your new understanding to use right away. You will know you have done it the right way with a full answer key for the whole “funbook" and you will actually do what you learn, making it real, and making it stick!
  • Comes with complete answer key
  • ​Buy on Amazon right now for $19.99
  • ​You get it for FREE
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Bonus 6

Confirmation Pack

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This pack of test and quizzes is the shortcut to check your answers and know you did it right…You can be your own teacher and you don't need to wait for anyone to know if you are right or wrong! There is no need to ask anyone if you "get it"...you will know instantly! PLUS get your Level 1 Certificate!
  • Always know you are right
  • ​Get your Level 1 Certificate!
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Bonus 7

Support As You Grow

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Join a community of people just like you, ask community questions, get inspired by sharing your own progress, get motivated by seeing other people progress and feel supported and join other people on your music journey.
  • Get community support and answers!
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There is NO CATCH

I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for a lower price than you expect, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month. This isn't one of them.

There's NO hidden "subscriptions" or recurring fees.

Here is Everything You Get

When You Buy Today

Here is Everything You Get

When You Buy Today

  • ​​10 Famous Songs from History - 10 Famous Songs + 10 Video Lessons ($247) FREE
  • 196 video library of 1 year of music theory learning ($1,997)
  • ​My #1 Best-Seller Music Theory Book ($29.99) FREE
  • ​89 Book Video Examples ($89.99) FREE
  • My Music Theory Workbook + Answer Key - Work with confidence, check your answers ($19.99) FREE
  • 10 FREE Practice Quizzes + Final Level 1 Test and Certificate ($99.99) FREE
  • ​Lifetime membership to music theory support group ($250) FREE
  • 50 FREE Flash Cards ($9.99) FREE

Total Value = $2,090.95

Buy today and You Get ALL of this for only


What People are Saying

"...I have no music background except I love all sorts of music and love to go to live performances. However, with the methods in The Music Theory book, the author has made it possible for someone like me to actually learn to write music."
- Voracious reader
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️   Amazon Review for 
"The Best Music Theory Book for Beginners 1"

Let's Break This Down...

Imagine You Took Music Theory Lessons

A one-on-one music theory lesson costs anywhere from $30 - $100+ for an hour with a coach. 

Take a lesson every week for 1 year and you would spend $1,560 - $5,200. What if you could get all the information, explanations, and insight from an entire year of one-on-one lessons with me...for less than 10% of the price?

With this course, you get lifetime access to a FREE membership group, 200+ music theory lessons, 2 FREE books, and a FAMOUS SONGS FROM HISTORY bonus pack of songs to analyze and break down with easy walk-through videos...for only $147.

I am so sure you will have a great learning experience and get real value out of this course I am offering a 365-Day 100% money-back guarantee. Seriously. Just email me and I will get you your refund.

Full Course Contents


  • Rhythm 1: How to Understand, Write, and Perform Notes
  • ​ Rhythm
  • ​Pulse
  • ​Beat
  • ​ Metronome 
  • ​Count In
  • ​ Tempo/Time
  • ​ Lines
  • ​Notes
  • ​How to Write Whole, Half, and Quarter Notes​
  • ​How to Clap Rhythms
  • ​Bar Lines and Their Meanings
  • ​Measures
  • ​What is an “Attack” in Music?
  • ​Composer vs. Songwriter
  • ​Time Signatures
  • ​Percussion Clef
  • ​How to Write Music 1
  • Rhythm 2: Strong and Weak Beats 1
  • ​Strong and Weak Beats4/4 
  • ​Strong and Weak Beats: 3/4
  • ​Rhythm 3: How to Understand, Write, and Perform Rests
  • ​Rests
  • ​How to Write Music 2
  • ​Composition Ideas
  • Rhythm 4: Dots,Ties, Repeat Signs
  • ​Dotted Notes 1
  • ​Tied Notes
  • ​Repeat Signs

Pitch and Notes

  • Pitch and Notes 1: The Basics 
  • ​High vs. Low Sounds 
  • ​How Sound is Made & Measured 
  • ​ How Sound is Made on Common Instruments
  • ​How Sound is Defined
  • ​Melody
  • ​Notes
  • ​The Basic Musical Alphabet
  • ​Notes on the Staff
  • ​Treble Clef
  • ​How to Write Music 3: Treble Clef
  • ​Ledger Lines
  • ​Pitch and Notes 2: Theory
  • ​Get to Know the Piano
  • ​Pitch Class
  • ​Octave Register
  • ​Octaves
  • ​Accidentals 1
  • ​Courtesy Accidentals
  • ​Enharmonic Equivalents
  • ​The Full Musical Alphabet:The 12 Notes of Music
  • ​Half Step (Semitone)
  • ​Whole Step (Whole Tone)
  • ​Pitch Class 2: Accidentals
  • Pitch and Notes 3: Scales
  • ​What Are Scales?
  • ​Chromatic Scale
  • ​Scale Degrees
  • ​Diatonic Major Scales 1
  • ​Scale Degree Names
  • ​Tetrachords
  • ​Key Signatures 1
  • ​The Natural Minor Scale
  • ​Compare Major and Minor
  • ​Relative Scales and Keys
  • ​How to Write Natural Minor Scales
  • ​Natural Minor Scale Degree Names
  • ​ Pentachord
  • Pitch and Notes 4:Simple Intervals
  • ​Simple Intervals
  • ​Melodic vs. Harmonic Intervals
  • ​Major and Minor Intervals
  • ​Interval Quality 1
  • ​Interval Quality 2
  • ​Interval Distance
  • ​Simple Intervals: The Full Picture
  • ​How to Name Simple Intervals
  • ​How to Write Simple Intervals


  •  Harmony 1: Triads
  • ​How to Write Triads
  • ​Triads: The Major Scale Harmonized to the Fifth
  • ​Triads: The Natural Minor Scale Harmonized to the Fifth
  • ​Relative Scales: Harmonized
  • ​How to Write Triads from the Natural Minor Scale 


  • Analysis 1: Degrees and Numerals
  • ​How to Analyze Leadsheets
  • ​3 Steps to Know the Key of a Song
  • ​3 Steps to Know the Key of a Song: Final Decision
  • ​How to Write a Scale Degree Analysis
  • ​How to Write a Harmonic Analysis
  • ​Full Analysis bonus pack with breakdowns for 10 songs so you can SEE why music sounds the way it does!
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