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  • Full Music Theory 1 Course - 196 Easy Lessons - This is what I teach my beginner students over the course of an entire year. There is 11+ hours of video lessons. [$1,560.00]
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Really Learn from this Course Without and Instrument or Previous Music Training/Experience?
Yes. Anyone with 0 music experience can learn to read, write, and understand music with this course. I even taught my own mother (who tried many times to read music and failed many times throughout her life) how to read, write, and understand music with this course.
How Long Will it Take to Learn Level 1 Music Theory?
It all depends on how much time you spend every day on the course. 90%+ of the video are 4 minutes or less, so you can take your time with one easy video a day, or move through the course faster if you choose. With less than 1 hour a day you can easily learn it all in 30 Days!
I Already Know a Little Music Theory. Is This the Right Course for Me?
Yes. Even if you already know some music theory, you will learn valuable information in this course that you can put to use right away. Remember, this is not just about the theory so you can "get it". You will also learn to read and write music! Scroll down to see a full course outline.
I Don't Live in the USA, Can I Still Take This Course?
Yes! The entire course, books, and bonuses are digital and you can access them from anywhere in the world!
Which Age Groups is this Course For?
Ages 12 - Adult.
Is this Course a One Time Payment or a Subscription?
This course and all the bonuses are all one-time-only charges. No recurring or repeat charges will be made.
If I Wanted a Refund How do I Get It?
We're confident you'll love this course! However, if you feel like it didn't help you, we're offering a 365-day 100% money-back guarantee. Send us an email and fill out a survey to show you gave my course, books, and bonuses a shot!

If you didn't learn or improve, we're going to honor every promise and give your money back!

Full Course Outline


  • Rhythm 1: How to Understand, Write, and Perform Notes
  • ​ Rhythm
  • ​Pulse
  • ​Beat
  • ​ Metronome 
  • ​Count In
  • ​ Tempo/Time
  • ​ Lines
  • ​Notes
  • ​How to Write Whole, Half, and Quarter Notes​
  • ​How to Clap Rhythms
  • ​Bar Lines and Their Meanings
  • ​Measures
  • ​What is an “Attack” in Music?
  • ​Composer vs. Songwriter
  • ​Time Signatures
  • ​Percussion Clef
  • ​How to Write Music 1
  • Rhythm 2: Strong and Weak Beats 1
  • ​Strong and Weak Beats 4/4 
  • ​Strong and Weak Beats: 3/4
  • ​Rhythm 3: How to Understand, Write, and Perform Rests
  • ​Rests
  • ​How to Write Music 2
  • ​Composition Ideas
  • Rhythm 4: Dots, Ties, Repeat Signs
  • ​Dotted Notes 1
  • ​Tied Notes
  • ​Repeat Signs

Pitch and Notes

  • Pitch and Notes 1: The Basics 
  • ​High vs. Low Sounds 
  • ​How Sound is Made & Measured 
  • ​ How Sound is Made on Common Instruments
  • ​How Sound is Defined
  • ​Melody
  • ​Notes
  • ​The Basic Musical Alphabet
  • ​Notes on the Staff
  • ​Treble Clef
  • ​How to Write Music 3: Treble Clef
  • ​Ledger Lines
  • ​Pitch and Notes 2: Theory
  • ​Get to Know the Piano
  • ​Pitch Class
  • ​Octave Register
  • ​Octaves
  • ​Accidentals 1
  • ​Courtesy Accidentals
  • ​Enharmonic Equivalents
  • ​The Full Musical Alphabet: The 12 Notes of Music
  • ​Half Step (Semitone)
  • ​Whole Step (Whole Tone)
  • ​Pitch Class 2: Accidentals
  • Pitch and Notes 3: Scales
  • ​What Are Scales?
  • ​Chromatic Scale
  • ​Scale Degrees
  • ​Diatonic Major Scales 1
  • ​Scale Degree Names
  • ​Tetrachords
  • ​Key Signatures 1
  • ​The Natural Minor Scale
  • ​Compare Major and Minor
  • ​Relative Scales and Keys
  • ​How to Write Natural Minor Scales
  • ​Natural Minor Scale Degree Names
  • ​ Pentachord
  • Pitch and Notes 4: Simple Intervals
  • ​Simple Intervals
  • ​Melodic vs. Harmonic Intervals
  • ​Major and Minor Intervals
  • ​Interval Quality 1
  • ​Interval Quality 2
  • ​Interval Distance
  • ​Simple Intervals: The Full Picture
  • ​How to Name Simple Intervals
  • ​How to Write Simple Intervals


  •  Harmony 1: Triads
  • ​Harmony 113. Triads
  • ​How to Write Triads
  • ​Triads: The Major Scale Harmonized to the Fifth
  • ​Triads: The Natural Minor Scale Harmonized to the Fifth
  • ​Relative Scales: Harmonized
  • ​How to Write Triads from the Natural Minor Scale 


  • Analysis 1: Degrees and Numerals
  • ​How to Analyze Leadsheets
  • ​3 Steps to Know the Key of a Song
  • ​3 Steps to Know the Key of a Song: Final Decision
  • ​How to Write a Scale Degree Analysis
  • ​How to Write a Harmonic Analysis
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