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About the Book
After teaching piano for 10 years and using every possible book out there, I was fed up and frustrated with the options for my students. None of the books prepared his students to play modern music like pop, rock, CCM, and other genres in a way that actually worked. Dan took everything he knows students need to learn to start their journey to playing all the songs they love and packaged it up in one convenient book!

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The Best Modern Piano Book for Beginners 1 gives you everything you need to know as a beginner piano or keyboard player, from the names of the keys through playing full songs. You be able to play your favorite songs and get hacks, tips, and tricks for reading music, and how to have fun playing the piano. Comes with FREE video examples, 30-Day Practice Journal, and 10 easy beginner songs...$194.97 value...for FREE!

The #1 Best Seller in it's category on Amazon 

  • For adults and teens, play your favorite songs! Rock, pop, video game music, CCM, and even more modern genres on piano or electric keyboard.
  • ​Comes with 135+ FREE video examples so you can hear how the music should sound which means no more guessing or wondering if you are doing it right. ($134.99 Value!)
  • ​Comes with 10 easy beginner songs FREE ($49.99 Value!)
***Hurry, only while supplies last!
Even though the book recommends you work with a teacher, the video examples audio examples, and clarity of the writing makes it so I feel like I can teach myself! What an incredible offering and a great way to get to the piano or get back into the piano. This book also works well for people who play keyboards or MIDI keyboards!
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  • ​Comes with 135+ FREE video examples so you can hear how the music should sound which means no more guessing or wondering if you are doing it right. [$134.99 Value!]
  • ​Comes with 10 easy beginner songs FREE [$49.99 Value!]
  • ​Comes with a 30-day practice journal so you can make real progress and stay motivated! [$9.99 Value!]
***Hurry, only while supplies last!
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***Hurry, only while supplies last!
  • ​Easy to understand explanations so you can save time by learning the important things that will actually allow you to play music.
  • ​Save 100s of hours of time with tips and tricks used by the pros so you can stop wasting time playing piano the wrong way and actually make progress. (pages 56-57)
  • ​How to understand your piano so you can stop feeling lost and play with confidence. (pages 23-25)
What is In the Book?
  • Your First Lesson
  • 10. What Am I?
  • ​11. Recommended Listening
  • ​12. The Different Types of Pianos and Keyboards Acoustic Pianos Electric Pianos
  • ​16. Parts of Your Piano
  • ​18. Parts of Your Keyboard
  • ​19. How Your Keyboard Makes Sound
  • ​20. How to Play the Piano
  • ​23. How to Understand the Keyboard
  • ​26. The Four Elements of Music
  • ​27. The Basic Musical Alphabet
  • ​28. How to Remember the Names of the White Keys
  • ​31. Finger Numbers
  • ​32. How to Read Piano Diagrams
  • ​33. Review: Your First Lesson
  • How to Play Your First Full Song
  • ​35. Notes
  • ​36. How to Play the Notes
  • ​38. The Metronome
  • ​39. Count In
  • ​40. How to Clap Rhythms
  • ​41. Tempo/Time
  • ​42. Play the Notes in Time
  • ​44. Bar Lines and Their Meanings
  • ​46. Time Signatures
  • ​48. Notes on the Staff: Right Hand
  • ​48. Treble Clef (G Clef): Right Hand
  • ​49. Treble Clef Ledger Lines
  • ​52. Notes on the Staff: Left Hand
  • ​52. Bass Clef (F Clef): Left Hand
  • ​53. Bass Clef Ledger Lines
  • ​56. How to Practice
  • ​58. Review: How to Play Your First Full Song
  • How to Play with Both Hands 
  • 60. The Grand Staff
  • ​60. C Position
  • ​62. Rests
  • ​64. Tips for Reading Music
  • ​64. Reading Ahead
  • ​66. Repeat Signs
  • ​68. How to Play with Both Hands at the Same Time 
  • ​70. How to Practice Songs that use Two Hands
  • ​73. A New Time Signature: 3/4
  • ​76. Review : How to Play with Both Hands
  • ​Middle C Position
  • 78. Middle C Position
  • ​82. Review: Middle C Position
  • ​How to Switch Positions
  • 84. How to Change Positions During a Song
  • ​88. Tied Notes
  • ​92. Review: How to Switch Positions
  • Chords 
  • 94. Two-Note Chords (Dyads)
  • ​94. Hear the Difference: Together, Early/Late
  • ​98. Three-Note Chords (Triads)
  • ​106. Chord Review
  • ​G Position
  • ​108. G Position
  • ​112. Review: G Position
  • ​Music Theory & Chords
  • ​114. Accidentals
  • ​115. F#
  • ​117. Key Signatures
  • ​120. Review: Music Theory & Chords
  • How to Read and Play Level 1: Leadsheet Songs
  • 122. How to Read Leadsheets
  • ​125. How to Play Along with Songs Using Notation or Leadsheets
  • ​What is next in Level 2!
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